Well-Horse Products

Well-Horse products have won Horse Journal's "Best Product of the Year" Award, in several categories. Our products are 100% made in the USA with the best natural and organic ingredients from the Amazon Rain Forest which have been used for centuries by the local native tribes. Our products can be use on all animals, promoting beneficial healing for a variety of issues including: 

Open Wounds, Hot Spots, Severe Thrush, Proud Flesh, Skin Fungus, Canker, Infections, Scratches, Dew Poisoning, Cracked Heels, Foot Freeze sensitivities after shoeing, Run Downs, Sweet Itch, Fly and Flea Bites, Re-Grows Hair in original color, Rain Rot, Skin Rashes, Ring Worm, Itching, Poison Oak, Eczema and Burns.              

Best Sellers

Well-Horse Resin 4 oz.
Thrush-Off 2 oz.
Purple Mush 12 oz.
Sanitizer 8 oz.