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Case # 1


My horse "Toma" suffered from a severe case of "Scratches" (a skin fungus) for several months.
I tried many different products without success.
My Farrier gave me a bottle of Well-Horse to try out. I used it for 5 days. As you can see from the pictures the results were phenomenal. The fungus cleared up completely and did not come back.

-Steve Mendenhall-
Toma's Owner
Santa Margarita, CA


"My horse has had a fungus/scabs on the back of his legs for over 5 years. I have tried everything and spent a lot of time and money trying to cure the problem with no results. I have had vets treat it with shampoos, creams, liquids, ointments - nothing worked. I tried the heavily advertised Vetericyn and it did work just like water, It did nothing but get it wet! I saw an article about Well-Horse in The Horse Journel as their Editor's Pick and decided to give it a try. I bought Well-Horse and in four days it had the problem cured! And , after 10 months, it has remained cured. Thank you for your great product and for curing my horse."

-Tom Acton, CA


"I received a sample of this product from my tack shop. Wow! This may be unusual, but my new (mess of a horse) horse's dew poisoning went away in 2 days! I recently loaned it to a gal whos horse got tied up in wire, and within 2 days the wound looked completely different! It was healing so incredibly fast! Once I saw that I knew I had to have a full size bottle... every horse owner should have one of these in their grooming kit!"

-Nancy, Adrian, MI (April 22, 2008)


"Well Horse is the only product I have ever found to satisfactorily control canker not to mention a variety of other chronic non- healing dermatological lesions and fungi.

Michael J. Carinda DVM
Equine Performance Sports Medicine
Wellington, Florida


"I have been using the Well Horse that you sent me on my collie who has been having skin problems. It has really been working great. It has really healed his sores. I want to thank you for sending it to me and I have been spreading the word on how good this product is!!"

Connie Tworzydlo


It was a pleasure to meet you at the Ohio Equine Affaire, but need I say that the claims of your product were cause for some skepticism. However, after using Well-Horse and having wonderful results I felt compelled to write and share them with you.

We have used your product on a variety of equine problems including thrush, scratches, allergic reactions (skin) and most dramatically for a very serious cut.

When I arrived home from the Equine Affaire one of my school horses had managed to remove a huge chunk of skin, approximately 1 inch by 2 inches from the inside of the left knee. To make matters worse, a very thick skin tag was hanging down and could not be stitched so the vet removed it leaving a gaping wound which bled for some days. The usual routine of spray on antibacterial and covering the wound only created an oozing, wet, still bleeding mess so I pulled out my bottle of Well-Horse, read the directions and went to work. Imagine my relief, not to mention surprise, when the wound dried and began to heal within 24 hours. It looks very good now and will continue to be treated with Well-Horse until the healing is completed. In fairness we did put the horse on powdered oral antibiotic because the wound was seeping pus and that helped to get rid of the infection. It does not lessen the dramatic results that Well-Horse produced in sealing out the dirt and going to work on the infection topically.

Your product needs to be in the medicine kit of every horse owner. As advertised, it is kind to the skin, does not sting or burn the tender flesh of a new wound and is very efficient against thrush.

Gina, our allergic to everything horse, needs a gallon of Well-Horse for the summer when she is so itchy that she scoots across the ground on her stomach to scratch. We have tried everything except steroids, which I refuse to administer, to no avail. Now I have the ammunition of Well-Horse in my arsenal, so bring it on!!

Thank you for introducing me to a product that performs better than its claims and makes a difference in the lives of the horses and the people who love and care for them.

Ellin K. Daum
On Eagles' Wings Farm
Plainfield, IN




Medaglia D’Oro, our Grade 1 winning stallion, developed a case of dew poisoning (scratches). We treated his leg with Well-Horse and were very pleased with the fast results. Dew Poisoning is a fungus that all KY horse owners have to battle at some time. Well-Horse is the best remedy I have found. Over the last six months we have used Well-Horse to treat several wounds including a puncture wound and an abscess. Well-Horse is approved as a standard product for Stonewall Farm. I know from my personal experience that Well-Horse works and would recommend this product for wounds and any kind of fungus condition.

Bert Welker
General Manager
Stonewall Stallions
Versailles, Kentucky


I would also like to thank you for reaching out to those at the Ohio Equine Affair! I was, as first, skeptical, but was willing to try something that would benefit my elderly mare from mud scratches. She had suffered for weeks with swelling, soreness, & crusty scabs on all four legs. She was lame & visibly miserable. After just three days of using your product, her legs cleared up. I used the daubber applicator, as recommended, after scrubbing clean and drying the affected area. I was amazed & thrilled with the result! I know she was relieved as well!

I recommend this product to anyone & would hope that everyone keep it as a staple in their first aid kits. Thank you for introducing your product to me. I keep the brochure with me at my barn to show everyone about it. I only wish I had had this product on hand when my mare had a massive chest wound a few years ago! With the summer months approaching I feel I am well prepared with my accident prone, 27 year old Arabian mare!
Thank you once again!

-Stephanie Stratton-
Westerville, OH


Our main Stallion "Don Fernando" suffered from a severe case of "Dew Poisoning" .
Our Vet recommended that we use the following products : Desetin , Betadine , Animax ,
Povidine Scrub , Swat , Furazone and Corona.
None of these products worked. We treated this condition for 4 straight months without success.
We used Well-Horse for 4 days and the Dew Poisoning completely disappeared. What a great product !! . If you have any doubts about what I am saying, please call me at (805) 354-8138 . I will be happy to tell you all about my experience with this amazing product.

-Amador Carrera-
Professional Horse Trainer (30 years experience)
"Hacienda La Cumbre" in Santa Ynez , CA since 2002


I have a two time National Champion Stallion in training that is in constant showing all over the USA . Because of the constant sweating and bathing , he developed " Scratches " under and behind the fetlocks . I tried a few different products without any luck . A friend of mine recommended that I try this new product called " Well-Horse ". I used it for 3 days and the scratches were gone , just like that !!!

- Dante Mazzi -
Pro-Horse Trainer

Note: The term scratches is often used in the drier areas of west to describe a condition also known in the east as dew poisioning.




Hi my family and I met you at the Indianapolis state fair grounds horse expo, in the begining of april, we bought some well-horse for our horse's rain rot and it worked great just in a few treatments it was all cleared up. thanks for the great product !

-Sarah Pancini-
Cedar Lake, IN


I saw your product on the shelf and started reading it, liked the fact it's all natural. My husband had a little red mark on his foot, between his ankle and heal. It started getting red, little blisters and looking like a rash. It really itched also. We were trying all kinds of things with no avail. He was ready to go to the Doctor. So we bought a bottle of Well-Horse to try. After just one application he noticed a difference. It's been 5 days now and it's just about all gone. I just wish I'd taken a picture before and after. We don't know if you intended this for humans but it's good stuff. Think we'll always have a bottle on hand, for the dogs, horses and humans.

-Shari Jaworski-
Brownstown. Illinois

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