Get to know Well-Horse

All our products are MADE IN USA with the best NATURAL ingredients from earth.


Well Horse resin was developed as a topical wound healing and skin fungus remedy for all animals by our founder, Certified Master Farrier, Coco Fernandez. Coco learned about the amazing healing powers of this Amazon's tree resin as a boy in his native country of Peru. While on a fishing trip in the Amazon, he passed through a village where a cow had been severely wounded by a Peruvian jaguar called the Otorongo.




When he came back through the village two weeks later, Coco learned that the wounds were healed using a centuries old native remedy, commonly known as Dragon’s Blood which is harvested like maple syrup without destroying the tree. Coco used this on himself for many years. When Coco relocated to the US he graduated as a certified master farrier from the Oklahoma Farrier College in 1990. He used the tree resin on his clients' horses on the central coast of California for thrush, scratches, canker and wounds.

In 2007, Coco used Well Horse on his own horse for a deep leg wound. Coco was encouraged by a veterinarian to market Well-Horse because she was so impressed with how fast the wound healed with no proud flesh and the hair grew back the original color.

Shortly after that, Well-Horse became a commercially available product. Here is our first “factory”, the dining room table assisted by son Nicolas (age 3). Now Nicolas helps his dad along with sister Ana Lucia.






Coco is a two time “Official Farrier for the Breeder's Cup of Thoroughbred Racing" in South America in 2008 and 2014.