Well-Horse Professional Endorsements:

GINA MILES - “ 2008 Olympic Silver Medalist “ - 3 Day Event.

Gina depends on Well-Horse Resin to keep her horses healthy by healing wounds and road rash faster….. Gina uses Well-Horse on all her horses. Recommended by her veterinarian, Well-Horse helps keep Gina's horses healthy. Recently, she used Well-Horse on a mare with road rash on all four legs. What impressed Gina most is the speed of healing, that all the hair grew back in the normal color and the antibacterial qualities helped the wounds knit together with no proud flesh.





BRIAN BELL - " NRHA Million Dollar Rider "...

Brian joined the Well-Horse team when he found serious scratches relief with Well-Horse Resin and Well-Horse Foam .....

“You see, we work our horses daily in wet dirt and wash them which made scratches difficult to eliminate. “Nothing worked” says Bell, “until we tried Well-Horse Antibacterial Resin and Foam. Well-Horse cut the number of days to clear up scratches to only 3 days in extreme cases. Well-Horse also worked as a preventative building a water barrier that prevents scratches on horses prone to breakouts,“ Bell shared, “I love the original Well-Horse Resin, which forms a protective barrier against water and dirt, but the new Well-Horse Foam works great for hard to reach places like fetlocks”.







CHRISTA PETRILLO - " Total Horsemanship Training "

Christa joined the Well-Horse Team when she made Well-Horse her “go-to” wound remedy after trying many other wound products on the market:

"She likes the fact that Well-Horse is all natural, works fast and is effective for all types of wound and skin fungus. Christa’s experiences with Well-Horse began with a wound on her beloved Mustang, Hubble. “I love how Well-Horse works on wounds and skin fungus. It’s fast at wound healing and renews skin and hair, plus it kills fungal and bacterial micro-agents effectively. Well-Horse keeps my horses’ healthy when they have wounds and skin fungus, plus the Well-Horse hoof remedy “Thrush Off” is a remarkable treatment for Thrush and White Line disease.






BUFF BRADLEY - " Trainer of champions Brass Hat & Groupie Doll " thoroughbreds.

“Well Horse is handy to have in the barn and at the track because it works so fast. I have found Well Horse to be fast and effective in the treatment of both minor wounds and hard to heal wounds like the hock wound on my horse "Upon a Star.”









JOHN NUNN - "Thoroughbred Trainer, Eventer & CEO Bit of Britain.

John joined the Well-Horse Team when Well-Horse healed a 3 inch chest wound with no white hair ....

When I was away my horse received a 3 inch gash to his chest that should have been stitched. When I returned it was too late to stitch so I applied Well Horse in hopes it would do something. I had to go out of town again and was fearful that it would get worse while I was gone. I had a fellow boarder apply Well Horse for the next 5 days and when I returned it was remarkable. The 3 inch gash was totally closed and less than 2 inches long and on its way to totally recovery. Today you would never have any idea this wound ever occurred. “NO White Hair."







AUDREY ANTHONY - Owner of Bocoy Stables

Audrey joined the Well-Horse Team when Well-Horse was the only effective product in healing summer sores !

"I wanted to tell you how much we love the Well-Horse Sanitizer and the Well-Horse Resin. It is doing wonders for our guys with scratches from the Florida summer sand and heat. The sanitizer has also been a great tool for fighting the Florida summer sores that are a nightmare down here. We clean every single cut with it and NO SUMMER SORES. It has been wonderful to not have to fight the losing summer sore battle on my grey gelding. Thank you as always!"







COCO FERNANDEZ - Certified Master Farrier

Two-time Official Farrier for the Thoroughbred "Latin-American Breeder's Cup" Races .... www.cococaballo.com

"Having to shoe the best horses in Latin America is a big responsibility. I can't jeopardized their health using products that are caustic and toxic.I ONLY use Well-Horse products, specially "Thrush-Off" for the hooves because is the only product in the market that kills bacteria on contact and heals damaged tissue very FAST. I use it on bleeding quarter cracks, puncture wounds, severe thrush, sensitive frogs and soles, abscesses, cracked heels and also as a drying and antibacterial daily maintenance to prevent invasive bacteria that will create a problem. Keep it safe and simple."