- I am so impressed with Well-horse!

I have applied it to fresh abrasions on a fractious mare (without cleaning the wounds) and watched the wounds heal perfectly. Now I am using it on my own horse, with a case of scratches, that was getting worse on my standard treatment and his fetlocks were starting to swell and he was becoming painful. Just two applications and the swelling was gone and he didn't mind them being touched. He is almost completely healed and it's only been four days. Remarkably he has even gone through the creek a couple of times in those four days. My barn will never be without this product and I will recommend it to all my horse friends and clients as well as my dog clients for "hot spots". Thanks for a great product.-

Dr. Patricia Kwapisz, DVM



- I went from a doubtful skeptic to a satisfied customer in one try.

- I went from a doubtful skeptic to a satisfied customer in one try.
One of the things I really like about using Well-Horse is that I can use one product for many kinds of treatment. I have had great success using Well-Horse for dew poisoning, ring worms and open wounds. The speed of the cure is fantastic. You actually helped me get a young filly ready for sale that failed to respond to my normal treatments. " I will definitely keep buying Well-Horse." -

- Debbie Ratliff

- Blue Water Farm and Sales

- Lexington, Kentucky




- Well-Horse is Amazing!

On October 8, 2007 we had a horse get hung up in the fence. The vet came out to the farm and "Tommy's" leg was so bad he referred us to the vet clinic for surgical closure. Tommy had laceration over the left hock down to the bone and several tendons were damaged. After several weeks being at the vet clinic we got to bring him home. I mentioned your product to the vet, he said since Tommy's injury was to the bone and in a joint that it would not help speed the healing process, in his opinion.
I basically went against his will and started using the product. I took pictures on 10/30/07 before first application of Well-horse. At this time the injury was 22 days old. Since Tommy's leg was wrapped and could only be changed every 3 to 4 days we could not use Well•horse faithfully everyday. However, we did use it with every wrap change. On 11/6/07 the second set of pictures were taken. Just 1 week and a few applications later the wound was about 70% closed. It was amazing! Our vet was there on 11/6 and couldn't believe how great his leg looked. He said "I don't know what your putting on it and don't want to know, but keep doing it cause it's working!"
After about 3 weeks of using Well-horse Tommy's wound was completely closed. I would not have believed a wound that size would heal that fast if! didn't see it for myself. We are 100% satisfied with Well-horse and will recommend it to anyone for any size wound.

- Steve and Tana Hall




 - Well-Horse worked very well and much faster than we expected…..

I couldn't believe the success we had when he tried Well-Horse resin on this horrific chest wound. We began treatment on this 8” two week old wound and was thrilled to discover it shrank to only 4” after only two weeks without any signs of infection. It was completely healed by day 50……Amazing product to recommend anybody to have in their first aid kit.

 - Dr. Jim Waldsmith, DVM and owner of The Equine Center Hospital

    San Luis Obispo, CA 




 - The Results were amazing!!

My thoroughbred mare had a deep cut to the bone. Stitches were not possible because a big chunk of skin was missing. My Vet told me that is normal that the wound is going to be filled up with proud flesh or granulation tissue. I used WELL-HORSE daily for two weeks. The results were just amazing. In two weeks the only thing you could see was a little scar.

- Ashley, Arroyo Grande, CA





- My horse had a deep wire cut in his fetlock joint.

The stitches kept popping open because the cut was in such a mobile spot. It kept getting infected to the point that my Vet was worried about the joint. We kept using different products and failed every time. A friend introduced me to a product named Well-Horse. I sprayed Well-Horse in the wound every day for two weeks until it finally closed up!!!! And, without any infection issues in the process. My vet was very impressed. Now we all use Well-Horse around here. It's a great product!”

- Kelly, CA




- The results were incredible - my Vet literally gasped! .....

The first time we took my new mare off the farm to school cross country, she had a horrible trailer accident, skinning her cannon bone down to the tendon and receiving several puncture wounds at the hock...... The vet stitched her immediately with the little skin that was left. After three weeks and spending three hours per day walking, cold-hosing, cleaning, and putting ointment on the wound, it looked worse than ever. Pound flesh was growing and the wound was swollen, opening up the skin again. The vet thought she would probably have to cut off a flap of skin because it was not healing to the flesh underneath. I was so depressed that my new horse would be so badly scarred.....I searched online looking for a miracle, and found Well-Horse. Though I did not really believe the claims, I had to try it since I had already tried everything else.....The results were incredible! My vet checked the wound a week after I started using Well-Horse, and literally gasped because it looked so much better. Now after five weeks using just Well-Horse, the wound is almost totally healed and the scars from the puncture wounds and scrapes are not visible. Now I use Well-Horse for everything! Thank you so much! Here are some pictures of the initial wound, then after three weeks without Well-Horse, then after five weeks with Well-Horse! -





- No White Hair!

When I was away my horse received a 3 inch gash to his chest that should have been stitched. When I returned it was too late to stitch so I applied Well Horse in hopes it would do something. I had to go out of town again and was fearful that it would get worse while I was gone. I had a fellow boarder apply Well Horse for the next 5 days and when I returned it was remarkable. The 3 inch gash was totally closed and less than 2 inches long and on its way to totally recovery. Today you would never have any idea this wound ever occurred. “NO White Hair”

- John Nunn -CEO Bit of Britain Saddlery


- My mare went through a fence......

I have been using Well-Horse from day one on this terrible accident with my mare. She went through the fence and I have used Well-Horse since day one. She has almost totally healed at day 60! ....... Also had a clients horse come in that had a severe skin fungus and lost half his hair. We bathed him in well horse every other day and within a few days his hair started growing back. Took about 2 weeks to clear up and hair to grow completely back but the well horse baths worked.

- Crista Petrillo, CA (Horse trainer/owner)




My horse gets wounds, but Well-Horse heals without proud flesh & hair grows back normal color


- I love using Well-Horse on my lovely gelding Dex. 3-Day Eventing is hard on a horses’ health. Well-Horse heals scratches and wounds fast without proud flesh and the hair grows back the same color!  This helps us compete at the highest levels of performance necessary to win.

- Charlee , CA (3 day eventer)


This race horse received a deep toe grab wound...

 - The wound came from the horse that was running behind him. The racing plate toe grab struck and gouged his leg. A Farrier friend of mine gave me Well-Horse to try on this wound. The product worked amazingly fast as you can see ! It regenerated tissue back to normal in only eight weeks! I will use Well-Horse any chance I get and I will recommend it to any trainer, Vet or owner.  

Alfonso Arias DVM - Thoroughbred trainer/ Veterinarian, Lima - Peru



At my wits end with "out-of-control" flies, until I tried Well-Horse...


- My 8 year old gelding, Beau has sensitive skin on his face and lower legs. Every summer he tears off fly boots and masks and is left with fly bites everwhere. Fly sprays don't last, so I tried applying Well-Horse Foam on his legs and face. Wow! What a difference! Beau stands quietly while I rub on the Well-Horse Foam, and best of all, the Foam provides a protective barrier for flies and insects for several days.

- Caroline, CA


Everybody was very impressed!

My Filly's front lower leg got severely hurt and punctured all the way to the tendon sheath. My vet, Dr. Lisa Teske from Alamo Pintado Hospital, did a tremendous job putting together and stitching the wound. I used Well-Horse for two weeks and everybody was very impressed with how fast the wound healed without any further complications or infection.

- JJ Fernandez, Thoroughbred Owner


Santa Ynez, CA.   


---Testimonials for Thrush-Off---



As a farrier, I am very cautious about putting my reputation on the line...

- "As a farrier, I am very cautious about putting my reputation on the line for a product. However, I was working on a rescue case involving over 50 horses. All of which  had severe thrush that was eating away at the bulbs of the foot. Nothing was working. I tried every over the counter thrush medication and even tried some home remedy treatments. I finally figured that I had nothing to lose by trying Thrush Off from the Well-Horse product line. Not only did it clear up the thrush in all of the horses involved, but it also helped the frog grow back at a faster rate than usual. It’s the only thrush remedy that I keep in my shoeing truck. It’s a great product."

- Josh Edwards, CF / MI


Thrush-Off Healed White Line Disease / Infection.

White Line bacterial infection is created by bacteria trapped between the hoof wall and the laminae. Removed the dead tissue that is not attached to the laminae . Clean it very well with a dremel. Apply Thrush Off and brush it in well in the affected areas. The moist thrushy tissue dries within 5 minutes. Thrush Off is NON CAUSTIC, NON TOXIC and anti-bacterial with very strong healing properties. I also use it to treat bleeding quarter cracks, punture wounds, to dry out Keratomas and much more…..Is an amazing product that I recommend to all my clients.


 -Coco Fernandez CMF / Pismo Bch, CA

   Master Farrier 

---Testimonials for Scratches (Skin Fungus)---


- The best product I've ever used for wounds and skin problems !!!

I've got an older pony who had developed a gnat allergy that makes him itch and his ventral line is a mess. I've been trying every product on the market to make this better, but nothing has worked. His ventral line is crusty and oozy and the gnats just made a bee (gnat) line to it, making it worse every day. Well, we sprayed Well Horse on it and it was almost healed in a couple of days! Amazing! I've also used it for hot spots on the dogs with the same results.


- Muffy Seaton, Trainer/Clinician - Carriage Driving Four Time National Champion.





 - The best remedy I have found!!!

Medaglia D’Oro, our multiple Grade 1 winning stallion, developed a case of dew poisoning (scratches). We treated his leg with Well-Horse and were very pleased with the fast results. Dew Poisoning is a fungus that all KY horse owners have to battle. We have used Well-Horse to treat several wounds including a puncture wound and an abscess. Well-Horse works. and would recommend this product for wounds and any kind of fungus condition.


 - Bert Welker, Kentucky